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The Importance of your handshake

Updated: Mar 27

Everyday I shake hands with a lot of people. Not because I’m a coach, Not because I’m a life coaching professional, Not because I was raised to know it but because when I made the decision at an early age that I wanted an important, beautiful life . I wanted a life filled with love, happiness, success and laughter. I wanted to be remembered for my kindness more than my status. So I started with key points I knew I had to master in any job or position in life and choose to form those habits into instincts.

One of the first habit I developed was my handshake. How often do you go to shake someone’s hand (which you know is the first sign of confidence and trust) and to your firm ,stable grip is returned a limp noodle or a bone crusher. Immediately your thoughts go from the focus at hand, to the character of the person .

A weak limp handshake says I don’t believe in my self, my product. Almost instant deal breakerA bone crusher handshake- Your overcompensating for something you lack-Again maybe your product or service isn’t as great as you made it out to be-DealbreakerI’m trendy- No your immature-You don’t know when to raise the roof or raise your standards-DealbreakerNo, you let go first- No really you let go first-Don’t hold their handshake hostage-That’s says I’m desperate for you to like me and my product-DealbreakerRush hour-Quick Release Handshake- That secretly says I don’t really have time for you and I don’t care about you and I’m rude- DealbreakerFirm Handshake without eye contact- Really now you just said I’m insecure, shy and might have something to hide.So what’s the perfect handshakeStraighten your back, Smile and Extend your right handSay Hi I’m ____________what’s your name?Firmly while maintaining eye contact say “ It’s nice to meet you ________” after 2 seconds let go...Don’t be-a weirdo If you have to practice with friends and family until it’s an instinct a habit to do this with everyone you see.Live & Love, Tracee

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