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The Art of Note Writing

Updated: Mar 27

Do you remember the last time you wrote a handwritten note to thank someone for an interview, a favor, a kind word, job reference?

In the tech age of today thank you notes have been condensed to a quick jotted email impulsively typed and sent to the recipient. Standard, boring and non-personal. Many gestures of manners and forms of respect that were expected in the golden ages of feminism have been replaced with apps, social media and lowered standards or expectations for gracious behavior. Kids today are so used to receiving information from social media that when asked when the appropriate time to send a thank you card was most kids responded with “What is a thank you card?”. I have been told by many that I am a 1950’s girl within a 2019 girl. That many of my musical choices such as Sinatra and Dean Martin are coupled with my I love Lucy collection of DVD’s all nestled in the mentality that a girl should always be a girl. I taught my two beautiful daughters as soon as they could hold a pen how to write Thank you cards for their birthday & Christmas gifts .

Thank you cards are  a symbol of etiquette that needs to be reborn with us and taken swiftly into 2020. We need to master the proper way, time and we need to teach the next generation. Just because someone developed a way to make note writing faster and cheaper does not mean it’s better. Quality has no substitution. When a person receives a handwritten note it instantly reflects the time, personalization, and thoughtfulness bestowed upon them from the sender. Without even reading a word the recipient is struck with a momentary pause to reflect upon the meaning of the gesture and all the good vibes are directed toward the sender. When the receiver has a decision to make regarding a job, making a donation or giving a reference the memory of your handwritten thank you and the good feelings it evoked, flood the receivers brain and generally follows with a positive action. So how does one go about starting the habit of following up interviews,requests,services or events with thank you cards.

The good thing is that your in the right place. No previous experience required. You can start right now , where your are with one quick swift stroke of a pen and paper. Start you thank you addressing your receiver personally and thanking them for the opportunity, gift, reference,donation,time they rendered to you. State how it made you feel ( and trust me it made you feel good) and you appreciated their time and attention. Follow that with your call to action whereby you state that you will follow up in one week for job interviews, next year for gifts,donations,volunteer time. If they supplied a reference include how you appreciated your time with them and the experience you gained that allowed you the confidence to seek this new position. Sign off on your thank you Sincerely or In Warmest regard I remain. If the person is someone you know sign the card only with your first name. If you are an acquaintance or they are a client simply sign your formal name .

Live & Love, Tracee

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