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The Art of Manifesting 101

Updated: Apr 18

The Art of Manifesting - ( For Newbies )

Hey guys. Let’s talk about Manifesting. I recently in the past year have become a big believer in Manifesting along with other concepts and boy has my life changed for the better. Manifesting seems like a trendy millennial term but actually the idea has been around much, much longer. So if you're like me and you want to know the in’s and outs and try it out here’s the DIY version of Manifesting 101.

Manifesting is basically getting what you want from the Universe by simply asking for it. But let’s not confuse that with wishing or throwing a penny into a fountain. Manifesting requires work from you and the Universe in coordination or alignment in order to produce your visions or better. So how exactly do you ask?

Be specific- Think about it. When you go to a restaurant and place your order for a pizza you don’t just go up and say “ I'll take a pizza”. No, you say I want a thin crust, gluten-free, goat cheese, marinara sauce,all-veggie but no mushrooms pizza cut into 8 square slices. Same concept. (Politely) Remember manners get you everywhere. So grab a journal if you enjoy writing and simply start talking to the universe like a friend. If money is what you want to manifest. Don’t be vague. Say how much, for what, and how you benefited from it exactly. When you journal use the present form as if you already received the money. The Universe responds to what you feel you already have and attempts to mirror it. So write Dear Universe Thank you so much for the $100,000 that flowed easily into my life. I am so grateful that I was able to pay off my Visa that $4,000 I owed and now I am debt-free. I am so grateful for the BMW X3 I bought cash with the money that you made come into my life.

Another way to manifest your desires (one of my favorite things ) is a Vision Board. I create a vision board that sits over my desk and depicts each thing I want to create in my life. You can take pictures from magazines or print from the internet. When you have a physical portrait that you look at many times in your day the message gets to your subconscious and opportunities, invitations, experiences just start coming your way. Which brings me to the next part. Belief. You have to believe that the universe will give you what you want. You can’t buy the journal but never write in it. You can’t make the vision board and put it aside. You have to subscribe to your belief just like you believe that when you go to sleep you will wake up. This is where some people get lost. Faith will carry you far if you can align your belief with your desires. I recommend reading and getting information from books, such as Abraham Hicks on the Law of Attraction or The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Search Youtube for people you admire who are believers in Manifesting and the Law of Attraction and listen. Because the next step in Manifesting is on you. The Universe is not a bank filled with lovers, money, and cures. The Universe works by providing you opportunities but you have to take the action and accept them. Only in the course of action does your vision become real.

Now sit back,reflect-your beautiful life is coming true. Your dreams are now real, your vision board is empty because your visions come true. You have to create a new one. But before you do grab the magazines and start cutting away grab a journal and start writing the Universe your thank you note. You see the Universe gives you what you want but along the way, you must pause to reflect on the journey with a grateful heart. The Universe responds to kindness and respect.

After it does hold the secret to your life...If you believe

XOXO, Tracee


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