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Updated: Apr 18

So here we are. Your working from home and not the dream you thought it would be. Go ahead and Pinch yourself your not dreaming. So how do we make this situation better ? As a Life Coaching Professional I often work from home so let me help you change your mindset. To help out with that we can create an office setting that will inspire us to be focused,motivated and manifest productivity.

To get started you need to pick a spot. One that resonates with you. One that feels like work not like sleep or play. Next adjust the lighting to make sure you have adequate lighting to do any tasks that involve high levels of focus. Now let's scent the room. When decorating it's always best to utilize all 5 senses to establish a foundation of success. Visually our eyes need to see structure and support. So avoiding cushy , squishy pillows and cozy blankets are a must. Our Nose needs to be stimulated to clear focused thinking. Essential Oils such as Sweet Orange and Lemon are great choices when blended with Cedarwood for a bit of in the woods musky sends a mentally stimulated scent to please your sneeze. Now let's decorate. Given the circumstances of todays pandemic running down the street to your local metaphysical shop is unlikely. Here at Brave Mind, Body, Soul we sell crystals but frequently sell out so as a third option I suggest amazon. If your open to the idea of Crystals and Metaphysical Sciences I highly suggest you hang around because I post a lot of information as a student of Metaphysical Sciences. But for the New Kids on the Block I suggest you start with

Selenite-This is also considered the Master Cleaner as it is highly charged with positive energy, self cleans and also will clean the crystals around it.

Black Tourmaline-Purification of your mind and Space-Protection Stone

Citrine-One of my faves as it assists with manifesting abundance and success and it's color is beautiful

Tiger's Eye-Focus Stone

Amethyst-Reduces Stress ,and Heightens Intuition

But when Crystal shopping the rule is go with your gut. If a particular stone catches your eye buy it. Look it up and then Clean it, Meditate with it and Discover why that Stone choose you.

Lastly and certainly not least layer your space with positive affirmations that you see all day. Read them a couple of times and walk away. Your subconscious will get the clue that you didn't come to play you came to win !!!

XOXO, Tracee

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