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Doctors & Nurses get scared too!

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No, they didn't train you for this in medical school or nursing school. You have gone your entire career fighting battles that had been fought before and now as an invisible enemy has crept into our society and you are the warriors at the front line. Fighting daily, double shifts, terrible diet, some leaving your families, friends, pets behind and still every day for the hundreds of thousands that we save we only remember the ones we lost.

Well, Doctor/Nurse pause for a second. It's time to be mindful and aware of you. We need to remember that besides being the awesome and educated people you are, you are also human. So let me prescribe something to you.

You may be scared. Not about having the virus but changing your PPE frequently, running out of PPE, Whether your current PPE will truly prevent you from contracting the virus. You are so dedicated to saving the world that you dismiss your fears. So here are 10 tips to help you survive the pandemic to instill confidence, decrease brain fog, increase focus.

1. Journaling- When your shift is over and your mind is still racing try breaking out a pen and notebook and write down your thoughts. Then put them to bed.

2. Talk - Talk to co-workers, talk to friends, if you feel that you may be judged talk to us. You can email us at traceefossierlifecoaching@yahoo.com and within the same day, we will answer your email. No contract, No compensation-Consider it a favor from one healer to another.

3. Shift fear and Anxiety- Consider fear and anxieties like folders in a file system. Acknowledge the statement then hit it with gratitude and file it away. " I can't remember if I asked the patient if they had a fever?" say " I am an amazing doctor/nurse and I forgive myself when I can't remember a detail because It's ok to forget if I asked a question. I can simply go back and ask the patient again."

4. Breathe- You would be amazed by what 3 deep cleansing breathes can do.

5. Eat-Fast food and vending machines are not on the food pyramid. To nourish your very smart brain you need to nourish your body with a clean diet.

6. Drink Water- When you take the 60 seconds to drink water be mindful and say with every drop of this water going into my cells I am becoming a fighter against this horrible virus.

7. Get Sleep- You may be working longer hours and awful schedules and your sleep time may be decreased. Try going to youtube loading a sleep meditation to remove negative energy and recharge your mind. Hit play and go to sleep. The frequencies will handle the rest.

8. Create an affirmation list. Simple start each statement with I am followed by a positive thought. Write these affirmations on your notes in your phone and pull them out at least 3X/day if not more to remind you just how great you are.

9. Pray- It's a quick spiritual practice and it creates a whole lot of positive mojo-You don't have to be religious your prayer can be to whomever your soul resonates with- I believe in god but every morning my prayer goes" Spiritual Guides What miracles would you have me perform today?" - I got that from a fabulous transformational leader Gabby Bernstein and it resonated with me.

10. Smile-Even under the mask- It confuses your brain and makes it think you're always happy. Happy people are beautiful.

I hope these tips helped and please share them with anyone you feel could use a little anxiety relief in their life.

XOXO, Tracee

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