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I’ve been a nurse, wife, girlfriend, published author, motivational speaker, a business entrepreneur for years. I have had some wonderful successes and many learning failures. I've lived through traumatic events and events that felt traumatic. But through each one, I pushed through not knowing where my future would end up but having this gnawing feeling I was meant for something pretty great. 

I struggled for most of my life with weight issues, self-esteem issues, and confidence issues. Having had traumatic childhood experiences and no therapy I sought to heal my own pain with food. Once I took on my demons, called them by name, and destroyed their power I discovered my sense of self, and through meditation and manifesting my destiny.

I live a life of calmness and serenity now. Focused on the passion that fuels me daily, my kids, my coffee, and my goal to be the greatest at what I do. I relentlessly work to bring the latest information, create the newest recipes, find the newest techniques in creating the life of your dreams into reality. Unfulfilled dreams are like lottery tickets that never get scratched. Underneath they could hold a million dollars if you are brave enough to scratch the surface. 

I spent hundreds of hours creating courses that would empower, inspire, and take you to the place that you have been searching for. The essence of my work to facilitate self-growth by helping you realize the dream of your goal and visions for your life so that you can create them with confidence at your pace in your place.

Future Plans include workshops, retreats and a membership program.



I am forever grateful to all the past experiences I have had that have led to my journey, all the present moments and people that my path crosses and lend me insight into this beautiful world and all of its blessings and forever for my glorious future filled with fulfilling my passion to help everyone hit their goal and live their destiny.


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